Coming Soon, a brand that finally cares about paper and binding quality as much as you do.

Why Nomi is Da Vinci's favorite notebook.

Funny enough, brands rarely focus on the quality of their paper and binding...until now. We are all about the paper and binding.

Frickin’ Killer Paper

No money, time or resources were spared in delivering the best writing experience. Our paper is resistant to bleed, ghosting and feathering with a fast dry time and fountain-pen-friendly smooth.

Sublime Binding

Inspired by the finest  Japanese stationery, Nomi notebooks are Smyth-sewn and bound with book cloth for superlative flexibility and durability. Pages lay flat without resistance.

Choose Quality & Sustainability.

Yes, you can have both! Our paper is post-consumer recycled and stands up to the finest virgin paper. 

  • Noir Theme Limited Edition

    Great ideas are built on those that came before us.  Each new edition is thematic, featuring original artwork on the endsheets. San Francisco, the birthplace of Noir and Nomi, serves as our muse in our very first issue.

    Introducing Noir in old movie poster typography.
  • With rolling, cloaking fog

    and gritty glamour, San Francisco is the perfect setting for stories of suspense.

    A man stands at over the Stockton Street tunnel in San Francisco watching the fog roll in. Original artwork by Shuchita Misra, 2019
  • Intrigue lurks

    in the shadows of 895 Post Street, the home of Dashiell Hammett and Sam Spade.

    Sam Spade's apartment at the corner of Post and Hyde in San Francisco. Original artwork by Shuchita Mishra, 2019