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Exceptionally high-quality notebooks demand exceptional paper and binding.

Not all paper is made equally. We think about paper quality in terms of how well it performs with a wide variety of writing instruments.

Bleed and Show Through (Ghosting)

Ink can soak through the page so that the reverse side of the page is saturated with ink and cannot be used. We use substantial 118 GSM paper that has a high opacity rating to minimize bleed and ghosting.

Dry Time

Does the ink dry quickly or does it remain wet on the surface of the page? This is of particular importance to lefties, and is simply annoying to everyone else. Our paper dries quickly to minimize smudges.


Highly-absorbent fibers in paper can pull ink onto the page with a capillary effect. Ink expands and blurs the original line. Nomi paper is feathering-resistant so that your marks are clean and precise.

Smyth-Sewn and Bound with Book Cloth

Nomi notebooks are Smyth-sewn and bound with book cloth for unparalleled flexibility and durability (shown here before the books are trimmed). Smyth-sewing is a centuries-old bookbinding technique that produces the finest library bound books that are built to last.

Lays Flat without Resistance

A notebook that lays absolutely flat without resistance ensures that the pages don’t flip from where they are opened, so there is no need to hold the book open. There is no wasted page lost to the gutter and you can use the entire spread. A lot of brands say their notebooks lay flat but you need to use a hand or two to keep it open. Not so with Nomi.